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  • Don’t let bladder sensitivity ruin your holiday! There’s nothing better than you’re well-deserved break to leave you feeling relaxed and carefree – and nothing should stand in the way.

    If you’re a bit worried about any little leaks, there’s a couple of tips you can follow to make sure your holiday is completely stress free.

    • If you’re going on a long journey, allow extra time for loo stops.
    • Scope out washroom facilities at the airport or ferry terminal as soon as you arrive to give you peace of mind while you’re running around getting the family organised.
    • If you’re flying, book an aisle seat near the toilets and choose a coach or train that have toilet facilities.

    There’s no reason why travelling shouldn’t be a stress-free zone – thanks to new Always Discreet, a range of products offering brilliant protection for sensitive bladder, you can feel confident and fresh while you head off on your holiday. Femininity and discretion are key features of the new Always Discreet line-up. Made with a new generation of ultra thin materials, the range will keep you protected while remaining discreet.

    The liners and pads have an absorbent DualLock core that helps lock away odour and wetness. They’re up to 40% thinner* than the leading brand, yet offer twice as much absorbency than you may need.** The pants offer up to 100% comfort and protection. Plus, all products have the exclusive OdourLock technology that neutralises odours continuously.

    Here’s a handy checklist to help you prep for happy days away…

    • Pack a supply of Always Discreet products in your suitcase to keep you feeling comfortable and confident wherever you go and whatever you do. Include a few in your hand luggage too, to ensure you feel fresh from the moment you leave home until you reach your destination. They are up to 40% thinner than the leading brand so they fit discreetly in your bag or pockets. The Always Discreet Pads and Pads+ have side barrier leakguards so you don’t need to feel anxious about those sudden urges while you’re travelling.
    • Carry a breath freshener spray in your handbag for mouth freshen-ups on the go. The new Always Discreet line-up has the exclusive OdourLock technology that neutralises odours continuously, so not-so-fresh-breath is the only odour you’ll need to worry about!
    • Take a roomy day bag with lots of pockets for all the things you’ll need when you’re out soaking up the local sights all day with the family. The new Always Discreet range has feminine and discreet packaging, and they’re individually wrapped, so you won’t feel embarrassed if anyone sees them inside your bag.
    • Train stations, airports and anywhere else where there are lots of people are hotbeds of bacteria. Your best defence? Hand gel that gives you clean hands with no need for water and can kill 99.9% of bacteria.
    • If you’re prone to needing the loo urgently, pop a Just Can’t Wait toilet card in your handbag. It’s useful to flash if there’s a long queue at the airport and means you don’t have to struggle with the lingo or confusing sign language abroad. (Available for £5 from the Bladder And Bowel Foundation online or on 01536 533255.)
    • A small bottle of travel wash means you can freshen up your favourite holiday clothes in your hotel bathroom and it won’t take up much room in your suitcase either!
    • Treat yourself to a new set of lovely lingerie. There’s nothing like a holiday to help you feel at your most relaxed and gorgeous, so make yourself feel even more special and confident with something extra luxurious. New Always Discreet Liners will help you keeping them fresh and dry in case of small drips.

    Go to to request your free Always Discreet sample.

    (*Compares to the leading brand (percentage varies across line-up). **Based on average consumer loading.)