Monkey cupcakes

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Monkey cupcakes


  • 120g sky blue modelling paste
  • 100g brown fondant
  • 60g light brown fondant
  • 10g white fondant
  • 50g green modelling
  • Black sugar pearls for the eyes

The kids are going to love these cheeky monkey cupcakes. Perfect for jungle-themed parties or special occasions, these cupcakes are much easier to make than you may think.

With a simple chocolate sponge and chocolate buttercream base, these cupcakes toppers are sure to go down a treat.

Follow our step-by-step recipe below and you'll have them perfected in no time. Once you've been creative with these cupcakes you could move onto other designs such as our lion cupcakes or even our pirate cupcakes!

These fun cupcakes are great for practising your cupcake decorating skills. Most shops have ready-coloured fondant so you’ll be able to find the modelling fondant easily enough.

This recipe makes 12 monkey cupcakes but you could half or double the amount depending on how many you want to make.


  • Rolling pin
  • Water brush
  • Sharp knife
  • 68mm scalloped cookie cutter
  • 5mm circle cutter
  • 15mm circle cutter
  • 15mm daisy cutter
  • 30mm oval cutter
  • Martha Stewart Fern mould (optional)

Step 1

Make up a batch of our chocolate cupcakes and allow to cool.

Whip up some chocolate buttercream and either pipe a swirl onto the cakes or spread a layer with a palette knife.


Step 2

Using the green modelling paste, mould 12x ferns with the Martha Stewart mould and leave to dry on a drying sponge.


Step 3

Roll the sky blue modelling paste to 1/8 of an inch thick and cut 12x scalloped circles. Leave to dry on a large drying sponge or greaseproof paper.

Roll the dark the dark brown fondant out to 1/8 of an inch thick and cut 12x 35mm circles for the head. Stick them to the top of the blue toppers with a brush of water.


Step 4

Roll the light brown fondant out to 1/8 of an inch thick and cut 12x 30mm ovals for the chin and stick them in place with a brush of water.


Step 5

Using the ball tool, push two indents in for the nostrils.


Step 6

Push the edge of a cookie cutter into the fondant to make a smile.


Step 7

Using the 5mm circle cutter, cut circles for the eyes and stick them above the nose with a dot of water. Add the black pearls for the pupils.


Step 8

Using the 20mm circle cutter, cut 24 ears. Then cut 24x 5mm circles from the light brown fondant and stick them the centre of the ears.

Indent with the ball too and pinch in half, trimming a third off with a sharp knife. Stick the ears onto the head with a brush of water.


Step 9

For the hands, cut 12x 15mm daisies then mould 3 petals into the shape of an arm. With a small drinking straw, indent the ends of the fingers for finger nails.


Step 10

Stick the fern and the arm under the head with a brush of water.


Step 11

Place the finished toppers onto the cupcakes.

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I needed to make a monkey cupcakes, so thank you for teaching!!! Greetings from Mexico!

Cake Hatteras

This is an amazingly good tutorial! Thank you for sharing your excellent work! You are one smart cookie!

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