Royal baby cupcakes

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Royal baby cupcakes


  • 200g white modelling paste
  • Trex (veg fat) for greasing
  • Red and navy food colour paste
  • Rejuvenator fluid or white alcohol for painting
  • Edible food markers red and blue
  • Red card craft bows to decorate the baking cup
  • 1tbsp royal icing sugar

Celebrate the birth of the royal baby this year with these cute and creative cupcakes. Designed and made by our cupcake queen Victoria Threader, these unique cupcakes are the perfect treat to mark the birth of the royal baby.

Not only are these cupcakes impressive, they taste good too with a classic vanilla sponge. Feel free to experiment with different flavoured sponges to suit yours or your family’s taste buds. These cupcakes would also make a great gift for a friend or family’s newborn.

These cupcakes might take up to 4hrs to make as they take a lot of practice and precision but are definitely worth the effort and look stunning. This recipe makes 6 toppers for 6 regular sized cupcakes.

All of the equipment like the shoe mould etc. can be bought at cake craft stores or online. The fondant used in this recipe can be found in most supermarkets in the cake decorating aisle.


  • Deep muffin pan
  • 6 Navy polka dot baking cups
  • Piping bag
  • Wilton 6B nozzle
  • 68mm scalloped cookie cutter
  • Cupcake art mat – Bianca
  • FPC Sugarcraft baby shoe mould
  • 2 fine paint brushes
  • Water brush
  • Rolling pin
  • Drying sponge or greaseproof paper for drying

Step 1

Make up a batch of our basic cupcakes and allow to cool. Half the mixture to make 6 cupcakes instead of 12.

Whip up our classic vanilla buttercream and either pipe a swirl onto the cakes or spread a layer with a palette knife.


Step 2

Take 80g of white modelling paste and roll out to 1/8 of an inch thick. Lightly grease the pattern side of the cupcake art mat by rubbing a tiny amount of trex over the pattern with the tips of your fingers.

Lay the mat face down over the top of the fondant and roll over the back with your rolling pin. Slowly peel the mat off the fondant and you’ll be left with the lace pattern.

Using the 68mm cookie cutter cut a scalloped circle and leave to dry on a large drying sponge or greaseproof paper.


Step 3

Using 120g of white modelling paste mould 12 shoes. Lightly grease the mould with a touch of trex each time you mould a shoe. Use roughly 8g for each shoe, filling the mould, and then rolling over the bottom with a rolling to make it nice and flat.

Remove the paste from the mould and place onto the drying sponge to dry slightly, as this makes them easier to paint. With the remainder of the paste mould the straps and bows and leave them to dry slightly on the drying sponge.


Step 4

Using the water pen, stick the straps onto the shoes and draw Union Jacks onto the shoes with the edible pens.


Step 5

Mix the red and blue food colour pastes with white alcohol or rejuvenator fluid and paint the shoes and bows. Mix 1tbsp of royal icing sugar with a few drops of water to make a thick paste and use it to stick the bows onto the shoes.


Step 6

Using the same royal icing glue, stick the shoes onto the lace toppers.


Step 7

Pipe a swirl on each cupcake with a Wilton 6B by filling the piping bag, twisting at the top of the icing, apply the pressure and pipe the swirl horizontally to get this effect.


Step 8

Using the royal icing, stick one red bow on each baking cupcake case.


Step 9

Place the finished toppers on each cupcake.

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