Penguin cake decorations

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Penguin cake decorations


  • 40g soft green coloured modelling paste (we used eucalyptus)
  • 65g black fondant
  • 25g white modelling paste
  • 25g pink modelling paste
  • 10g orange modelling paste
  • Black ball sprinkles (nonpareil)
  • Edible glitter

How cute are these penguin cake decorations? They're much easier to make than they may look and are the perfect cake toppers to turn your Christmas cake into something extra special.

Try changing the size and shape of your penguins' eyes and beaks to give them different expressions and get creative with their little scarves to make them suit whatever you're baking. We think the kids will love helping to make their own penguin, so why not get them to help you too?

This clever recipe makes enough for 6 penguins and will roughly take an 1hr and 30 mins to make. If making in advance, store in a cardboard or breathable box - they will last for up to 6 months.

By Victoria Threader


  • Rolling pin
  • Water brush
  • Sharp or craft knife
  • Cocktail stick
  • 4cm snowflake cutter
  • 2cm oval cutter
  • Wool embossing sheet (optional)
  • Small new nail scissors

Step 1

For the snowflakes: Roll the green coloured paste out to 3mm thick and cut 6 snowflakes. Brush each snowflake with a touch of water and add some edible glitter to make the snowflake look frosty. Leave to dry for 4 hours on a drying sponge or greaseproof paper.


Step 2

To make the penguin: Put 5g of black fondant to one side for the wings and divide the rest into 6. Roll each section into a ball, then roll one end slightly to make a pear shape.

For the white 'bib':
Cut 6 oval shapes from the white modelling paste and stick onto the pear shape with a brush of water, indenting the top of the white fondant slightly to make peak. Add the eyes by pushing two black nonpareil or black ball sprinkles into the top of the head using a cocktail stick.

For the beak:
Roll 6 tiny sausages from the orange paste and pinch at each end, add a cut down the centre and then, using a cocktail stick, add a small smile.

For the feet:
Roll 12 tiny sausages and flatten one end with your finger. Use a cocktail stick to make the toes. Stick to the base of the penguin using a brush of water.


Step 3

For the wings: Roll the black fondant into small sausage shapes and flatten slightly with the tip of your finger. Stick to the sides of the body, bending the tips up.


Step 4

For the scarf: Roll the pink paste out to 2mm thick and emboss with the wool embossing sheet, if using. Cut one long thin strip to go around the penguin and a smaller on for the front. To make tassels on the scarf, snip the end with a pair of nail scissors and stick them on with a brush of water.


Step 5

Stick the finished penguin to the top of a snowflake and place the topper onto your cake.

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