Elf cake decoration

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Elf cake decoration


  • 10g white modelling paste
  • 7g green modelling paste
  • 5g red modelling paste
  • 5g skin tone modelling paste
  • Gold ball sprinkles (nonpareil), for the buttons and bell at the end of the hat
  • Black ball sprinkles (nonpareil), for the eyes

We can't get over how cute these cheeky little chappies are. Why not make them to help out Santa as a Christmas cake decoration?

They won't take as long as you think and will last well if kept in a breathable box.

This is a handy guide to use to make other people too, simply redesign their clothes, add some hair and leave off those elvish ears!

By Victoria Threader


  • Rolling pin
  • Water brush
  • Sharp or craft knife
  • Cocktail stick or pin tool
  • Ball tool
  • Small soft brush for the cheeks
  • 19mm daisy cutter
  • Scallop/smile tool or cocktail stick


Step 1

For the legs: Using 10g of red and white modelling paste, roll two long thin sausages and twist them together. Once evenly twisted, roll on the counter until you have a smooth stripy sausage. Cut to size (about 6cm) and bend in the centre.

For the shoes: Roll small balls of green modelling paste, pulling one edge to a point, curling it over at the tip. Use a ball tool or the end of a teaspoon handle to make an indent for the shoes.


Step 2

Stick the feet to the end of the legs with a brush of water. Lay the legs over a teaspoon, or something similar, so the legs dry in a bend.

For the body: take about 5g of white modelling paste for each body and roll it into a ball. Roll the top to a cone to make a pear shape.


Step 3

For the jacket: Roll a strip of green modelling paste wide enough to fit the body, wrap it around and cut to meet at the front.

For the buttons: Put a dot of water where you want them to go and then push the gold sprinkles into the paste. Stick the body to the legs with a brush of water.

Step 4

For the ruffle: Cut a daisy from the red modelling paste and stick it to the top of the body. Push a piece of dried spaghetti down onto the body to hold the head on.

Step 5

For the arms and hands: Roll a sausage for the arm, cutting diagonally in the centre (so they fit well to the body) and trimming the ends. Bend slightly in the middle and add 3 indents with a cocktail stick in the centre of the arms.

For the hands:
Roll small balls of skin tone paste, roll one edge for a wrist, then squash the ball end flat with your finger. Cut a triangle between the thumb and the fingers and then cut 4 fingers with a sharp knife. Roll the ends of the finger between your thumb and forefinger to smooth and even them out.


Step 6

With a brush of water, stick the arms to body adding a brush of water to the ends of the arms too so you can stick the hands on.

Step 7

For the head: Roll a small ball of skin tone paste, 2 tiny balls for the ears and an even small one for the nose. Pinch the balls for the ears to a point and indent with a tiny ball tool, stick them to the side of the head with a tiny brush of water. Add the black sprinkle balls for the eyes and nose. Use a smile tool or cocktail stick to add the smile, indenting the end with a tiny ball tool if you have one.

Step 8

For the hat: Roll a ball of green paste and make a hole using a ball tool or teaspoon handle.


Step 9

Stick the head onto the dried spaghetti and then add the hat using a brush of water to stick it on. Roll a little leftover piece of the red paste to make a rim for the hat.


Step 10

Add cheeks, if you wish, with a brush of dusky pink petal dust.


Step 11

Add the finished topper to a cake of your choice.

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