Easter bunny cake decoration

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Easter bunny cake decoration


For this Easter recipe you will need:
  • 70g beige modelling paste
  • 1g pink modelling paste
  • 1g yellow modelling paste
  • 1g cream modelling paste
  • 1/4g white modelling
  • Black sugar pearls for the eyes
  • Chinese clear noodles for the whiskers

There’s no better way to decorate your Easter baking than with this cheerful chap, the perfect combination of cheeky and cute.

You could use him with other Easter-themed decorations on a large cake or top cupcakes with a little rabbit each - let your imagination go wild.

Once made, you can keep these in a breathable cake box for a good few days, letting you get ahead on your Easter prep.

The amounts make 1 bunny but you can double or triple the ingredients if you want to make more - you could also choose to make your bunnies a smaller or bigger size, or even a different colour - the choice is yours!

By Victoria Threader


  • A sharp knife
  • Cocktail stick
  • Dresden tool (optional)
  • Bow mould (optional)
  • Water Brush for sticking

Step 1

For the body: Roll 60g of beige modelling paste into a ball. Using your index finger, roll a dent in the centre to make a neck.


Step 2

Roll a long sausage shape at the top of the head, tapering into a point at the top.


Step 3

Using a sharp knife, cut down the centre of the top to make ears.


Step 4

For the feet: Roll 3g of beige paste into a ball, pinch the bottom to make a foot shape, mark out the toes by pushing a cocktail stick into the top twice.


Step 5

For the pads of the feet: Roll tiny pink balls of paste and push them flat with the tip of your finger and stick them on to the feet with a dot of water.


Step 6

Stick the feet onto the body with a brush of water.


Step 7

For the arms: Roll two sausage shapes, taper at one end.


Step 8

Stick the arms onto the body with a brush of water.


Step 9

For the pink of the ears: Roll a tiny sausage shape and push it flat, using the dresden tool if you have one.


Step 10

For the eyes: Roll tiny balls of white paste and push the black sugar pearls into them.


Step 11

Roll the cream modelling paste into two cheeks, a tiny ball of pink paste for the nose and cut the Chinese clear noodles for the whiskers.


Step 12

Stick the cheeks, nose, eyes and whiskers onto the head with a brush of water. Mould a bow to go around the neck (optional).


Step 13

Add the finished topper to your cake.

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