Shoes and handbag cake decorations

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Shoes and handbag cake decorations


  • 120g white modelling paste
  • 50g hot pink modelling paste (Sugarflair Claret)
  • 10g skin tone modelling paste
  • 2g black fondant
  • 1tbsp royal icing with a few drops of water
  • Silver nonpareil
  • 1 batch of cupcakes
  • 1 batch of buttercream

These shoes and handbag cake decorations are much easier to make than you may think. They look great sitting on top of iced cupcakes or can be displayed on a larger cake instead - the choice is yours.

We think these fondant decorations would be ideal for kids' parties or as a special gift on top of cakes.


  • Scissors
  • Permanent pen
  • Pencil
  • Plastic packaging to make a template
  • Sharp knife
  • Rolling pin
  • Cocktail stick or pin tool
  • 15mm, 25mm and a 68mm circle cutter
  • Tiny decoration mould
  • Water brush for sticking
  • Texture mat (Sculpey chantilly lace mat from Hobbycraft)
  • 12 hot pink baking cups
  • Glue gun (optional)
  • Ribbon to decorate the cups (optional)
  • Palette knife
  • Tiny ball tool

Step 1

The night before you need to make the toppers, roll the white modelling paste out to 2mm thick and emboss the paste using a texture mat. Victoria used a lace one but you can use whatever kind you have.

Cut 12 x 68mm scalloped circles and push a hole in each scallop using the tiny ball tool. Leave them to air dry on a drying sponge or greaseproof paper.

Step 2

To make the shoes, draw outlines of the base of the shoe onto tracing paper or you can print a template from your computer and use that instead. Victoria's shoes measure 4cm x 1cm.

Cut out the template and then using old plastic packaging, trace the image onto the plastic and cut that out.


Step 3

Roll the pink modelling paste out to 2mm thick. You can use spacers on the rolling pin as this helps to get an even thickness. Use the template to cut 12 x shoes and soles, remembering to turn the template to cut the opposite shoes. Stick to making 2 pairs at a time, as you don’t want the soles to dry out and start cracking.


Step 4

Once you’ve cut 2 pairs, working quite quickly, stick the soles to the shoes and with a cocktail stick or pin tool, mark the stitching around the edge of the soles.


Step 5

Place the shoes onto to something like a pencil/plastic container lid to shape them. To make the front of the shoes, cut 2 x 15mm circles and trim a section from either side with the same cutter to give you the open toe effect and with a brush of water, stick to the front of the shoes, stretching the paste slightly at the front if you need to.

You can add decorations by making your own bows or using a bow/flower mould. Stick the decorations to the front of the shoe with a tiny brush of water.

Step 6

To make the heel, roll a tiny sausage shape and then taper at one side to make a cone shape. Trim the thicker end slightly at an angle to fit the shoe. Stick with a brush of water. Make sure you rub slightly with the brush to make it sticky.


Step 7

To make the back of the shoes, roll the pink modelling paste out to 2mm thick and cut 1 x 25mm circle and cut it in half. Stretch it slightly, wet the edge of the semi-circle and stick around the back of the shoe.


Step 8

For the handbag, roll the paste out to 4mm thick and cut 6 x rectangles to 4cm x 8cm. Cut one and make one at a time so the paste doesn’t go dry.


Step 9

Fold the bottom up to ¾ of the way up and then fold the top down. Texture the top of the bag using a cocktail stick of pin tool.


Step 10

With a brush of water in the centre, stick the silver nonpareil, pushing them into the paste a you stick. Add a few drop of water to the royal icing sugar and use this as glue to stick the shoes and bags to the toppers.


Step 11

Make your cupcakes and leave to cool completely before decorating. Victoria uses plain paper cases to bake her cupcakes and then displays them in cupcake cups. You can decorate the cups too using bows and a glue gun.

Make your buttercream and add a blob of buttercream to each cake, patting it down slightly with a spoon or palette knife.


Step 12

Stick your shoes and handbag onto the white base you prepared at the beginning and secure with the royal icing and water mixture. Place the finished toppers onto the cupcakes pushing down slightly until the buttercream reaches the edge of the baking cups.

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Hi Rina! Thank you! The mat is from Hobbycraft (UK) You will find them in the clay/modelling aisle though, they work beautifully on fondant. This one is called 'Chantilly Lace' and it's made by Sculpey. I'm sure the usual selling sites will do them too if you pop it in the search box ~ Victoria


Amazing!! Where did u get yr lace mat from? Xx

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