How to make Halloween eyeball cake decorations

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  • 120g white fondant
  • 5g red fondant
  • 10g blue fondant
  • 2g black fondant
  • 2tbsp good quality raspberry jam
  • Trex for your hands to roll the eyeballs

Learn how to make Halloween eyeball cake decorations for your gruesome Halloween cakes this year. Follow our step-by-step picture and video recipe to make these creepy fondant decorations in no time.


  • 1x batch of cupcakes
  • 1x batch of buttercream
  • Piping bag
  • Wilton 1M nozzle
  • Parchment piping bag or sandwich bag with the corner snipped off
  • 10mm circle cutter
  • Small bowl
  • Small sieve
  • Teaspoon
  • Sharp knife
  • Water brush for sticking
  • Rolling pin

Step 1

Knead the red and the white fondant until pliable. Roll the white fondant to 3mm thick and pull small pieces off the red fondant dotting it all over the rolled white fondant.


Step 2

Knead the two fondants together until you get a red marble effect. Not too much or you will lose the pattern and end up with pink fondant. Cut into 10g sections for each eyeball.


Step 3

Roll into balls. You can rub a touch of Trex vegetable fat into your hands to get a smooth finish.


Step 4

Roll the blue fondant to 2mm thick and cut 12 x blue circles with the 10mm cutter.


Step 5

Using the black fondant, roll tiny little piece for the pupils. The black fondant is usually very sticky so you shouldnít need to use the water brush. With a brush of water, stick the iris to the eyeballs.


Step 6

Strain 2tbsps of raspberry jam in a small sieve to make blood. Add to a parchment piping bag, if you donít have one, use a sandwich bag with a tiny corner snipped off.


Step 7

Pipe the buttercream onto your cupcakes by adding a Wilton 1M to your piping bag, add the buttercream pushing all the air up out of the bag before twisting the bag at the top of the buttercream. Pipe a swirl by starting in the centre, working your way out to the paper using this as a guide follow it round build up into a spiral, finishing by pushing down with the nozzle slightly and pulling up quickly.


Step 8

Pipe the blood (raspberry jam) onto the cupcakes.


Step 9

Place the eye balls on top of the blood on your iced cupcakes and serve.

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