Hydrangea cupcakes recipe

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makes: 12
Skill: medium
Prep: 1 hr 40 min
Cooking: 20 min
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  • Believe it or not, these beautiful hydrangeas are actually mini cupcakes! Learn how to make your own and make these pretty flowers with icing, with our exclusive recipe from cupcake queen, Victoria Threader


    • 1/2 quantity
    • 1/2 quantity
    • 300g flower paste (Victoria used Squires)
    • Green paste food colouring (Victoria used Sugarflair)
    • Spring green, dusky pink and aubergine edible petal dust (Victoria used Sugarflair)
    • Equipment you'll need
    • Sturdy mini muffin cases (2cm high, 3.5cm across the base)
    • 12-hole mini muffin tray
    • Piping bag
    • Piping nozzle with a plain tip
    • 1 x small Hydrangea cutter (Victoria got hers from kitbox.co.uk)
    • 1 x flower veining mould (Victoria got hers from eBay)
    • 1 x leaf cutter (Victoria got hers from cakecraftshop.co.uk)
    • 1 x foam drying tray or large sponge
    • Non-stick pastry mat
    • 3 x small soft paint brushes
    • Optional
    • Vegetable fat such as Trex (to stop the icing petals sticking to anything)
    • Silcone mat


    • Make a batch of 12 mini cupcakes in the mini muffin pan using the method and half the quantity of basic cupcake mixture and leave to cool.

    • Colour 50g of the flower paste with the green paste food colouring, then cut out leaves out using the leaf cutter and leave them to dry on the sponge or drying mat. You’ll need 3 or 4 leaves per cupcake.

    • Roll out the remainder of the flower paste until it is roughly 1/8 inch thick and cut the hydrangea flowers out using the hydrangea cutter. You’ll need 33 flowers for each cake.

    • Before the flowers can dry out too much, grease the veining tool with a tiny touch of vegetable fat, and make a vein in the petals by poping the flower into the veining mould. Leave them to dry on a sponge or drying mat.

    • When the flowers are dry, use the edible dust to create a two-tone effect on the petals. Dip a paintbrush lightly in the green and swirl it around the centre of the flower. Brush the tips of the petals with pink or aubergine colour until the ends of the petals until all the petals are painted.

    • Make the buttercream icing (remember half this quantity will be plenty to ice the mini cupcakes.)

    • Attach the nozzle to the piping bag and fill 2/3 full with the buttercream. Twisting the top of the bag as you go, pipe a swirl onto the cake. Do one cake at a time otherwise the buttercream forms a crust. Once you have piped the swirl arrange the flowers on the top, placing a few leaves around the bottom of the buttercream. Repeat for the rest of the cupcakes.

    Top tip for making Hydrangea cupcakes

    eBay is a great place to find cake decorating colours and equipment for a good price. Victoria got the paste colours and petal dust for this recipe on eBay.

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