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    • Mini Christmas cakes recipe

      Mini Christmas cakes

      If you prefer a lighter fruit cake at Christmas then these individual muffin-sized cakes will fit the bill perfectly. Made with a simple all-in-one sponge cake mix they are so much quicker to make than a classic fruit cake too! To give the cakes a boozier flavour, soak the dried fruit in 2 tbsp rum or brandy for 1-2 hrs before adding to the sponge mixture. For a more sophisticated decoration replace the glace icing with blanched almonds, pecans, sliced dried apricots and mixed coloured glace cherries then glaze with a little warmed honey or syrup.

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    • Apple cake

      Apple cake

      Our classic apple cake recipe is ideal for sharing and perfect as an afternoon treat. It combines tangy and sweet cooking apples with a light cinnamon infused and raisin packed sponge. This cake can serve up to 12 people and takes 50 mins to cook in a medium heat oven. If the sponge starts to brown too quickly on top cover with baking parchment and continue to cook until done. Dust with icing sugar to serve for an impressive and simple finish. A portion of this delicious, fruity cake works out at only 265 calories per serving. Store leftovers in an airtight container or cake tin in a cool, dry place in your kitchen. It will last up to 2 days.

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    • Banana bread

      This banana bread recipe is the perfect way to make the most of the bananas that have started to go brown in the fruit bowl. You can either just slice this banana bread up and eat it as it is, or it's just as nice toasted with a little butter on it. Over-ripe bananas are often thrown away, but this classic recipe really makes the most of them and you'll never want to throw them away ever again! Ripe bananas give the dense loaf a lovely moist texture with a subtle hint of flavour. The thick dough takes a little longer than your average cake to bake, but it's worth the wait. A slice of this flavour-packed cake is a perfect treat for breakfast (try it with a spread of butter), parties or just a little afternoon treat with a cup of tea.

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    • Basic cupcakes

      This basic cupcake recipe will give you perfect cupcakes every time, and you can decorate them however you like! These plain cupcakes can be decorated with our perfect cupcake buttercream to create beautiful cupcakes for any occasion. This is goodtoknow's most popular cupcake recipe. This basic cupcake recipe makes a batch of 24 cupcakes. To make your cupcakes even, use an ice cream scoop to fill the cupcake cases with mixture. This will make sure you have an even amount of mixture in each cupcake case and that they should rise to the same height. These cupcakes are ideal for making with children and can be decorated with icing, buttercream or drizzled in chocolate.

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    • Basic Christmas cake

      Easy Christmas cake

      Make your own Christmas cake with our easy Christmas cake recipe. This simple, all-in-one recipe makes the perfect fruit base for your festive treat. This hearty Christmas cake will serve between 14-21 people and will take around 3hrs to prepare and bake. It's well worth making this classic Christmas cake in advance so its got plenty of time to absorb all of the flavours from the mixed fruit and brandy. And if you're trying to be good this Christmas, you'll be glad to know that a slice of this mouth-watering fruit cake works out at only 242 calories per serving - yes, really! This tasty Christmas cake has been tested in the GoodtoKnow kitchen and is certainly a favourite. Once you've mastered this recipe you can get decorating with your chosen topping, be it traditional fondant and marzipan or royal icing or if you're looking to keep it simple, don't decorate this cake at all and serve glazed in a light drizzle of honey, golden syrup or warmed apricot jam.

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    • Sticky marshmallow and chocolate tray bake

      Sticky marshmallow and chocolate tray bake

      Sticky marshmallow and chocolate tray bake is so easy to make with the kids. Ready in just 40 mins, this delicious tray bake is about to become a family favourite, made with Rice Krispies, butter, marshmallows and plenty of chocolate. Cut into 16 squares and watch it disappear in seconds! This sticky sweet treat is perfect for kids' parties, as party bag fillers or a weekend treat.

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    • Pumpkin cake

      Pumpkin cake

      This classic pumpkin cake is the ideal way of using up leftover pumpkin over the winter months. Whether the leftovers are from Halloween pumpkin carving or a harvest you were lucky enough to have in your back garden, you’re going to love this mouth-watering pumpkin cake recipe topped with thick cream cheese frosting and sprinkled with cinnamon. This pumpkin cake serves 10-12 people and will take only 20 mins to prep. Store this cake in an airtight container in a cool, dry place. If you’ve added the whipped cream topping, it’s best stored in the fridge.

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    • Lemon tart recipe

      Lemon tart

      This lemon tart recipe, or 'tarte au citron', is the perfect melt-in-the-mouth dessert for sharing with friends and family. Lemon tart recipe is traditionally French and made with a crumbly shortcrust pastry that contracts against the sharp lemon flavours. By using the rind of the lemons you will get the fullest citrus flavours! We recommend not making the dish too far in advance, it tastes best served just after cooking and doesn't keep for too long even in the fridge. This delicious lemon tart recipe serves 8-10 people and takes around 1hr and 25 mins to make and bake.

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    • Red velvet cake recipe

      Rachel Allen's red velvet cake

      Learn how to make red velvet cake with our classic red velvet cake recipe from Rachel Allen. A rich red sponge topped with a cool white frosting is an impressive cake choice for any occasion. This easy recipe will take around 1hr to make and bake and serves between 10-12 people - perfect for special occasions or parties. This rich, soft sponge is infused with cocoa powder and has a sweet, fluffy white cream frosting. This delicious red velvet cake would make the perfect showstopper for birthdays, Valentine's Day or simply served with a cuppa as a weekend treat. This cake can be kept in an airtight container for up to 2 days. Store somewhere cool.

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    • Maltesers Christmas pudding

      The kids are just going to love this impressive Maltesers Christmas pudding. It's the perfect Christmas pudding alternative that swaps that fruit and boozy soaked sponge for a rich, soft chocolate sponge instead. Decorate with Maltesers galore, drizzle in white chocolate and top with glacé cherries and glitter to make it look like a real Christmas pudding. This dessert would make the perfect centre piece for Christmas Day, it's delicious by itself but you could always add some cream and ice cream if you're feeling like you need a bit more indulgence! This recipe serves 12 people and will take around 50 mins to cook - perfect for a big crowd.

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    • Treacle bundt cake with limoncello drizzle

      Treacle bundt cake with limoncello drizzle

      A sticky sweet sponge topped with a naughty lemon liqueur icing and nuggets of crystalised ginger, this treacle bundt cake is a great treat for any special occasion, from Christmas to birthdays. Leftover slices (if you've got any!) are perfect served the next day with a nice cup of tea.

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    • Carrot cake

      A carrot cake is so easy to make and it's a classic - one that everyone loves! This recipe makes a loaf cake with a rich sponge, topped with delicious cream cheese frosting. This rich carrot cake is easy to make in your own kitchen and is a real classic. Our simple recipe, which comes with a step-by-step video, has been triple-tested by Woman's Weekly - so you know it will come out perfectly every time. Carrot cake is a great recipe for using up leftover carrots from your weekly food shop. This recipe is made with sunflower oil meaning the sponge is much lighter and is bejewelled with raisins too. Topped with a simple cream cheese frosting, this carrot cake is the perfect base for a birthday cake or even split into 12 for cupcakes. This recipe serves 8 people and will take 1hr and 10 mins to make. Leftovers can be stored in an airtight container for up to 3 days.

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    • Terry’s Chocolate Orange fondant cake

      If you like Terry's Chocolate Orange, you're going to love this mouth-watering Terry’s Chocolate Orange fondant cake recipe. It's much easier to make than it looks and is the ultimate centrepiece for Christmas Day. Don't tell your friends and family what's inside and watch their faces light up when they realise it has a melting chocolate orange middle! This recipe bakes a whole chocolate orange in a soft, chocolate sponge. Cutting into this pud and watching the rich chocolate centre ooze out is pure heaven - not to mention eating it! This recipe serves 10 people and will take only 55 mins to prepare and bake. This Christmas dessert is perfect served with lashings of double cream and is ideal if your family don't love a traditional Christmas pudding, because who doesn't like chocolate? We think it's best eaten on the day but if you're lucky enough to have any leftovers then you can always microwave individual portions the next day and top with more cream, it'll still taste just as delicious.

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    • Angel food cake

      Angel food cake

      This sponge cake is almost magical - just watch it disappear at parties! By trapping lots of air bubbles in the egg whites this recipe makes a feather-light sponge. Be careful to fold in the dry ingredients rather than mixing or whisking them so that you keep the batter as fluffy as possible. Great with a cup of tea or with a spoonful of whipped cream for dessert. Try decorating it with berries and icing sugar for a pretty finish.

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    • Dairy-free cupcakes

      Dairy-free cupcakes

      Learn how to make delicious dairy free cupcakes with this easy to follow recipe. This recipe shows you how to make dairy free frosting too. This recipe makes a batch of 12 regular sized cupcakes and will take around 30 mins to prepare and cook. This recipe is perfect if you have a dairy intolerance or you're looking for a dairy free option for a bake sale. This recipe uses soya spread which is the perfect dairy free alternative to butter.

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    • Mary Berry's Victoria sandwich

      Mary Berry's Victoria sandwich

      Mary Berry's Victoria sandwich recipe is a classic from The Great British Bake Off judge. Learn how to make her sponge with this easy all-in-one method. Her large all-in-one Victoria sandwich is perfect for all baking abilities and only takes 35 mins to make in total. This dense Victoria sponge is sandwiched together with strawberry jam. If you want to make this Victoria sandwich cake a dessert cake we'd recommend using freshly whipped cream alongside the jam for the filling. This cake serves between 6-8 people and will last up to 3 days in an airtight container or Tupperware. Mary Berry's Victoria sandwich cake is part of Mary Berry’s Baking Bible book. Once you've perfected this classic you can try other fillings or flavours in your sponge as well as experimenting with decoration too.

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    • Mint chocolate Swiss roll

      Chocolate Swiss roll

      Our easy chocolate Swiss roll recipe is a classic! A Swiss roll is a very impressive cake and looks quite difficult to make which is why people often shy away from baking them. A homemade Swiss roll is so much nicer than shop bought and they are much easier to make than you might think. This chocolate Swiss roll has an unusual mint buttercream filling which is full of flavour. The mint and chocolate work extremely well together. This cake could be served as a delicious dessert recipe topped with lashings of cream. This recipes takes 50 mins to make and bake and serves 4 people. This chocolate Swiss roll recipe is perfect if you want to bake something a little different, it's great for sharing with a cuppa or can be smothered in custard or served with ice cream for dessert.

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    • Cornbread recipe


      Made with golden cornmeal, this recipe is more like savoury cake than bread. It's a classic North American favourite and is often cooked in a cast-iron skillet and served with bowls of hot chilli or glazed barbecue ribs. Cornmeal is a fine grain made by grinding dried corn and is also called maize or polenta (this is Italian cornmeal). You can flavour the basic cornbread with chopped chilli pepper, spring onions, herbs or deseeded and finely chopped red or green pepper. For a cheese cornbread, stir in 75g finely grated mature Cheddar cheese.

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