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      Rose and raspberry cake

      This incredible cake is great for summer tea parties, birthday bashes or just when you fancy something delicious - the sponge layers are filled with rosewater and raspberry cream and topped with glace icing.

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    • Halloween pumpkin cake

      Halloween pumpkin cake

      Halloween pumpkin cake is a delicious treat! It's everyone's favourite - carrot cake - with lovely little fondant pumpkins. Make it for a Halloween party or as part of a bigger buffet with lots of other spooky treats and all the kids will love it! You could also make some witches hats or ghosts if you buy different coloured fondants and arrange them round this delicious cake. If you wanted to make it more spooky, why not add a tiny bit of green food colouring to the buttercream for an even more ghoulish edge?

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    • Coke float cupcakes

      Coke float cupcakes

      Coke floats are an old-fashioned treat that combines the fizzy drink with a dollop of ice cream. The flavours of this drink can be easily transferred to the wonderful mixture of a cupcake. These coke float cupcakes, from goodtoknow's cupcake queen Victoria Threader, show you how's it done. A sticky, sweet cola syrup flavours the sponges and the naughty ice cream topping with a cherry on top finishes it off nicely. The cakes will keep for about 3 days, so only add the ice cream just before you serve them so it doesn't melt. You could also experiment with other fizzy drinks such as lemonade or Dr Pepper for different tastes and you can change the flavour of the ice cream too – strawberry or chocolate would work just as well.

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    • Banana cake recipe

      Banana cake

      This hearty banana cake recipe is a delicious way to use up any leftover ripe bananas you might have lying around. The dense sponge is sprinkled with walnuts and topped with a rich chocolate buttercream to complement the banana flavours. To make this banana cake recipe, you need to make sure the bananas you use are very ripe and brown. This will pack your sponge full of sweet flavour and make your cake extra moist and soft. If you're not a fan of chocolate buttercream swap for vanilla instead or you could even drizzle your cake in a light icing sugar and water mix to give it a simple glaze. This recipe serves 12 people and only takes 1hr and 15 mins to make. Any leftovers can be stored in an airtight container for up to 3 days.

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    • Blueberry muffins

      Our blueberry muffins recipe couldn't be easier to make with this super simple recipe that makes perfect muffins every time and ready in only 5 steps. A real favourite with both grown-ups and kids, these easy blueberry muffins are tasty, ready in a few simple steps and so moreish you'll have to keep making new batches! This recipe makes 12 regular sized muffins and will take around 45 mins to prepare and cook them. This classic recipe is perfect for beginners or if you're trying to teach the kids how to cook. Once you've mastered this simple recipe you could try swapping the blueberries for other berries instead like raspberries, strawberries or blackberries. Blueberry muffins that are ready in 5 steps - perfect!

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    • Melting moments

      Viennese whirls

      Viennese whirl biscuits are perfectly crumbly with plenty of creamy filling and fruity raspberry jam. Test your baking skills with these fab little biscuits that are sure to impress family, friends, kids and grown-ups! Viennese whirl biscuits are really easy to come by in the shops, but they're so much better homemade. Your family will really appreciate the extra effort you've gone to, to make these at home, and although they have quite a long prep time, the steps are really simple to follow and you won't have any trouble making them. They are the perfect afternoon tea treat, and it's a good thing this recipe makes 16 biscuits because this way there will definitely be enough to go round for everyone! Make these Viennese whirl biscuits at home today for a really fun bake that's well worth the effort!

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    • Mary Berry's lemon drizzle cake

      Mary Berry's lemon drizzle cake

      Mary Berry is the queen of baking so if you're looking for a classic lemon drizzle cake recipe, this is the one to try. Mary Berry's lemon drizzle cake recipe is one of the most popular recipes on goodtoknow and has been tried and loved by pretty much the whole of the team! This classic cake recipe is full of citrus flavour and is perfect for all baking abilities, from beginners to those who fancy a spot in The Great British Bake Off tent! The light and zesty lemon sponge is glazed with a crunchy lemon icing, made with a simple sugar and lemon mixture. This delicious lemon drizzle cake will take approximately 55 mins to prepare and bake and serves up to 6 people. Store this cake in an airtight container for up to 3 days.

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    • Low-calorie Weetabix chocolate brownies

      Low-calorie Weetabix chocolate brownies

      These low-calorie Weetabix chocolate brownies are perfect if you're trying to be healthy or are looking for a guilt-free version of your favourite chocolate treat. They really are so easy to make, taking around 25 mins to cook and only 10 mins to prepare. The Weetabix adds a delicious crunch to each brownie bite. A portion of our brownies works out at only 74 calories per serving as well as only 3g of fat. This recipe uses a Slimming World favourite - MullerLight yogurt - which adds a bit of sweetness to the recipe. They're the perfect snack with a cup of tea or served for dessert with a dollop of ice cream or cream for a special treat.

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    • Pumpkin cake

      Pumpkin cake

      This classic pumpkin cake is the ideal way of using up leftover pumpkin over the winter months. Whether the leftovers are from Halloween pumpkin carving or a harvest you were lucky enough to have in your back garden, you’re going to love this mouth-watering pumpkin cake recipe topped with thick cream cheese frosting and sprinkled with cinnamon. This pumpkin cake serves 10-12 people and will take only 20 mins to prep. Store this cake in an airtight container in a cool, dry place. If you’ve added the whipped cream topping, it’s best stored in the fridge.

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    • Elderflower drizzle cake

      Elderflower drizzle cake

      This delicious and impressive elderflower drizzle cake is a showstopper. Perfect as a special treat for Mother's Day or Easter. This refreshing bake has a creamy elderflower filling along with a sweet, elderflower drizzle on top. We've decorted our cake with edible flowers but you can decorate with fondant flowers instead.

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    • Apple cake

      Apple cake

      Our classic apple cake recipe is ideal for sharing and perfect as an afternoon treat. It combines tangy and sweet cooking apples with a light cinnamon infused and raisin packed sponge. This cake can serve up to 12 people and takes 50 mins to cook in a medium heat oven. If the sponge starts to brown too quickly on top cover with baking parchment and continue to cook until done. Dust with icing sugar to serve for an impressive and simple finish. A portion of this delicious, fruity cake works out at only 265 calories per serving. Store leftovers in an airtight container or cake tin in a cool, dry place in your kitchen. It will last up to 2 days.

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    • Matilda's Bruce Bogtrotter birthday cake

      Matilda's Bruce Bogtrotter birthday cake

      This super rich chocolate cake is just like the cake in Roald Dahl's Matilda and we think it's just perfect for a birthday! Layers of soft sponge are sandwiched together by creamy chocolate frosting, and the cake is topped with our favourite chocolates. Crunchie bars and Maltesers sit crumbled on top and you just don't get much more indulgent than that! The best bit, though, is that there's popping candy in every layer - what a treat! This cake only takes an hour and a half to make, including prep and baking time which makes it a pretty speedy bake for an indulgent chocolate cake, so you can make it even if you're not the most confident of bakers! Get the kids to help you add the chocolate to decorate at the end.

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    • Tea loaf

      Tea loaf

      This tea loaf recipe combines Rooibos tea bags, mixed dried fruit and sweet brown sugar together to make a delicious cake that is complete with a generous helping of butter - the perfect afternoon treat. This recipe serves 10-12 people and will take around 1hr and 15 mins to make and bake. This classic recipe can be stored in an airtight container in the cupboard for up to 3 days. A portion of this loaf cake works out at only 225 calories per serving and only 1g of fat per serving making it a low-fat option when it comes to an afternoon treat. All the flavour, with none of the guilt!

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    • Lemon cake recipe

      Lemon sponge cake

      It's difficult not to gobble this delicious lemon cake down as soon as you've made it - but try to freeze a few slices for tomorrow! Another great cake from Woman's Weekly. This delicious, quick and easy lemon sponge cake recipe is a real winner. Infused with fresh lemons and topped with a sweet lemon curd buttercream. This cake serves 12 people and will take around 35 mins to bake plus cooling and decorating time. Store any leftover cake in an airtight container for up to 2 days. This recipe would work just as well with other citrus fruits instead. Try orange or lime.

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    • Homemade Jaffa Cakes

      Homemade Jaffa cakes are so easy to make and will wow everyone with a spongey base, orange jelly disk and rich chocolate topping. This simple recipe is takes just 30 mins to prepare and makes 9 bite-sized cake biscuits. Whip up a batch of these sweet treats before inviting friends over for a cuppa, or give them as thoughtful edible gifts. Everyone will be impressed by your homemade versions, though make them in advance so they've got plenty of time to set. They're everyone's favourite and you'll be surprised just how easy it is to make your own. You'll have a spongey, soft base, perfectly set orange jelly and a really nice layer of chocolate on top. If you love chocolate then you can have as thick a layer as you like, if not, keep it thin like the original treat!

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    • Wizard cake

      Witch's hat cake

      This witch's (or wizard's!) hat cake will bring a bit of magic into your home - it's the perfect cake to bring out at Halloween or a child's birthday party! You don't need to worry about baking each of the layers to this cake - you can make it into quite easily with shop-bought Madeira sponges, so you don't have to spend ages waiting for the cakes to bake and then cool.

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    • Ice cream bread

      Ice cream bread

      This easy ice cream bread recipe is made using only 2 ingredients, bringing together your favourite tub of ice cream with self-raising flour to make a mouth-watering sweet loaf of bread. You can serve your finished loaf with more ice cream or drizzle over chocolate before enjoying. This bread is so easy to make, taking only 5 mins to prep and 35 mins to cook. Serving 6 people, it's perfect for a little party and can be stored in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 2 days. If you don't like Ben & Jerry's Half Baked ice cream you could use your favourite ice cream instead - try classic vanilla, chocolate, or how about mint chocolate chip for a minty twist?

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    • The 3 EASIEST cake decorating ideas for kids!

      Jazz up a birthday cake with the kids using sprinkles, cookie cutters, marshmallows and icing pens in fun ways!

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