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    • Frozen-inspired Christmas cake

      Frozen-inspired Christmas cake

      Learn how to make your very own Frozen-inspired cake with our step-by-step recipe. We even show you how to make your very own fondant Olaf the snowman...

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      (8 ratings)
    • Salted caramel hazelnut meringue torte

      Salted caramel hazelnut meringue torte

      Gooey, sticky, sweet salted caramel hazelnut meringue torte is a delicious and rather impressive dessert that is perfect for serving a crowd

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    • How to line a round cake tin

      Ever wondered how to line a round cake tin with ease? Watch our simple how to video as the Woman's Weekly cookery editor, Sue McMahon, shows you how.

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      (16 ratings)
    • tea loaf fruit cake

      Moira Young's tea loaf cake

      This classic tea loaf is really tasty, moist and so easy to make. Best served sliced and buttered with a cup of tea. The best thing is it improves with keeping so put in an airtight box and you can enjoy it for weeks

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      (200 ratings)
    • Mini snowflake and gingerbread men squares

      Mini snowflake and gingerbread men squares

      Mini snowflake and gingerbread men squares are the perfect Christmas project for little hands to help with. If you haven't got time to bake the cake yourself, use a shop-bought equivalent and let them loose with the decoration. These mini cakes are lovely given as gifts, or as an alternative to mince pies

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      (5 ratings)
    • Basic cupcake recipe

      Everyone needs a good basic cupcake recipe to create the perfect cupcakes. These plain cupcakes can be decorated with our perfect cupcake buttercream to create beautiful cupcakes perfect for any occasion - it's one of goodtoknow's top cupcake recipes!

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      (468 ratings)
    • White chocolate and raspberry gateau

      White chocolate and raspberry gateau

      White chocolate and raspberry gateau is made from a light and airy sponge layered with a fruit and cream filling then smothered with a thick layer of white chocolate ganache

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      (2 ratings)
    • Chocolate cake with tiramisu cream

      Chocolate cake with tiramisu cream

      Chocolate cake with tiramisu cream has a chocolatey wheat-free sponge and amaretto and coffee-infused mascarpone filling

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      (1 ratings)
    • S'mores cupcakes

      S'mores cupcakes

      These delicious s'mores cupcakes are the perfect autumn treat. Based on the traditonal American classic, these cupcakes have four mouth-watering layers including a crunchy caramelised biscuit base, a layer of melted chocolate, a gooey rich chocolate sponge centre and a sweet, fluffy marshmallow topping and come complete with a chocolate dipped biscuit - what more could you ask for?

      • 4
      (9 ratings)
    • Santa cake decoration

      7 festive fondant cake decorations to pop on top of your Christmas cake this year

      Planning on making a cake this Christmas? Not sure how to decorate it? You've come to the right place! Our cupcake queen, Victoria Threader has created some brilliant, and surprisingly easy, cake decorations with fondant for you to try

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      (9 ratings)
    • How to line a square cake tin

      Watch as the Woman's Weekly cookery editor demonstrates a easy way to line a square cake tin.

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      (12 ratings)
    • Christmas pud cupcakes

      Christmas pudding cupcakes

      Bake these cute little Christmas pudding cupcakes to give as festive gifts, with our exclusive recipe goodtoknow's cupcake queen Victoria Threader

      • 4
      (18 ratings)
    • Mary Berry's lemon drizzle cake

      Mary Berry's lemon drizzle cake

      Mary Berry is the queen of baking so if you're looking for a classic lemon drizzle cake recipe, this is the one to try. Mary Berry's lemon drizzle cake recipe is one of the most popular recipes on goodtoknow and has been tried and tested by pretty much the whole of the team! This classic cake recipe is full of citrus flavour and is perfect for all baking abilities from beginners to those who fancy a spot in The Great British Bake Off tent!

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      (946 ratings)
    • Snowman cake

      Snowman cake

      Santa's little helpers will love to get involved in the making of this adorable snowman cake! The classic Christmas fruit cake recipe works deliciously with the sticky sweet frosting (made even stickier by the addition of kids' favourite, Marshmallow Fluff). This snowman cake is great as a centrepiece for a Christmas party

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      (5 ratings)
    • baking

      7 things only mums who canít bake will understand

      Baking is easier said than done. It takes practise, patience and perfection. Some of us have it and some of us don't. Here are 7 things only mums who canít bake would understand...

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      (14 ratings)
    • Snowy chocolate yule log

      Snowy chocolate yule log

      Snowy yule log made with chocolate cream rolled in a soft sponge covered with a cheat's marshmallow frosting

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      (4 ratings)
    • Sticky Jaffa loaf

      Sticky Jaffa loaf

      This sticky and sweet jaffa loaf combines citrusy orange with a dense sponge to make one delicious loaf recipe that youíll want to make time and time again. Warm marmalade and a creamy, yogurt mix makes this loaf different to the rest. Triple tested in the Womanís Weekly kitchen, this baked good only takes 1hr 30 mins to rustle up and is well worth the wait.

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      (3 ratings)
    • Banana and chocolate cake

      Banana and chocolate cake

      This classic banana cake recipe adds dark chocolate chunks to the mix for an even sweeter bake. It takes 1hr and 15 mins to cook and costs hardly anything at all to make. For the banana flavour you need 4 small bananas that are very ripe (brown and soft). These are then peeled and mashed and added to the mix. If youíre not a fan of dark chocolate you could replace the chunks with milk or white chocolate instead for a different spin on the recipe. Leave to cool on a wire wrack and serve with cream or warm with custard.

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