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    • Basic cupcake recipe

      Everyone needs a good basic cupcake recipe to create the perfect cupcakes. These plain cupcakes can be decorated with our perfect cupcake buttercream to create beautiful cupcakes perfect for any occasion - it's one of goodtoknow's top cupcake recipes!

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    • baking

      7 things only mums who canít bake will understand

      Baking is easier said than done. It takes practise, patience and perfection. Some of us have it and some of us don't. Here are 7 things only mums who canít bake would understand...

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    • Amazing hybrid foods

      Cronuts, duffins and more amazing hybrid foods that have taken the world by storm

      Know your cronut from your ramenritto? With more and more hybrid foods making an appearance on the menu, weíre determined to find out what all the fuss is aboutÖ Which hybrid food will be tickling your fancy this year?

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    • Polka dot cake

      Polka dot cake

      This impressive polka dot cake would make the perfect birthday or celebration cake. It's much easier to make than you may think with colourful polka dots hidden carefully in the sponge, the kids are going to love it! Learn how to make your own with our simple step-by-step recipe...

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    • Smarties cupcakes

      Moist chocolate cupcakes with a swirl of fudge frosting made with condensed milk on top. Get the kids to help you decorate these with Smarties or other sweets.

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      (28 ratings)
    • Salted caramel hazelnut meringue torte

      Salted caramel hazelnut meringue torte

      Gooey, sticky, sweet salted caramel hazelnut meringue torte is a delicious and rather impressive dessert that is perfect for serving a crowd

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    • How to line a round cake tin

      Ever wondered how to line a round cake tin with ease? Watch our simple how to video as the Woman's Weekly cookery editor, Sue McMahon, shows you how.

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    • Mary Berry's lemon drizzle cake

      Mary Berry's lemon drizzle cake

      Mary Berry is the queen of baking so if you're looking for a classic lemon drizzle cake recipe, this is the one to try. Mary Berry's lemon drizzle cake recipe is one of the most popular recipes on goodtoknow and has been tried and tested by pretty much the whole of the team! This classic cake recipe is full of citrus flavour and is perfect for all baking abilities from beginners to those who fancy a spot in The Great British Bake Off tent!

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    • chocolate, cake,

      Flourless chocolate and hazelnut cake

      Stuck for a nice dessert to cook? Look no further than this deliciously rich cake made with dark chocolate, Frangelico and hazlenuts - serve on it's own or with pouring cream or ice cream to finish it off perfectly

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    • Rainbow cupcakes

      Easy rainbow cupcakes

      Get a little creative with your cupcakes by making these amazing rainbow cupcakes. Follow this easy recipe to see how it's done - they're not as hard as they look!

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      (71 ratings)
    • Carrot and beetroot cake

      Carrot and beetroot cake

      Our blogger Maxine says: 'Thereís definitely something about beetrootís vibrant colour that appeals to the child in me. How does something that looks quite boring when itís growing in its cold, damp vegetable patch, have the capacity to transform into something quite captivating on the plate? I must admit itís taken me years to find a chocolate cake recipe thatís as moist and as light as this one. The oil and the vegetables seem to give it an added fine texture and a rich, deep chocolate flavour and colour.'

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    • Banana bread recipe

      Banana bread

      Got some bananas about to go off? Don't throw them away! Use them to make this delicious banana bread. Ripe bananas give the dense loaf a lovely moist texture with a subtle hint of flavour. The thick dough takes a little longer than your average cake to bake but it's worth the wait. A slice of this flavour-packed cake is a perfect treat for breakfast (try it with a spread of butter), parties or just a little afternoon treat

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    • Pistachio and yogurt cake

      Pistachio and yogurt cake

      This cake uses olive oil and low-fat yogurt instead of butter for a lighter sponge. Serve with a light Greek yogurt topping and berries to keep the fat content down

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      (27 ratings)
    • Capuccino cupcakes

      Cappuccino cupcakes

      Grown-up cupcakes for when you need more than anything, a cup of tea and a sit down

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      (15 ratings)
    • How to line a square cake tin

      Watch as the Woman's Weekly cookery editor demonstrates a easy way to line a square cake tin.

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    • tea loaf fruit cake

      Moira Young's tea loaf cake

      This classic tea loaf is really tasty, moist and so easy to make. Best served sliced and buttered with a cup of tea. The best thing is it improves with keeping so put in an airtight box and you can enjoy it for weeks

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      (216 ratings)
    • Victoria sponge recipe

      Victoria sponge is a classic baking recipe to master. The soft vanilla-infused sponge sandwiched together with a light buttercream and jam filling is a favourite for parties, birthdays and afternoon tea. This classic recipe shows you how easy it is to make a Victoria sponge at home - once you've mastered this recipe, the baking world is your oyster!

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    • Coconut cake

      Coconut cake

      Just right for a special occasion, this impressive gateau is simply a classic sponge cake flavoured with coconut then layered and smothered in a creamy coconut frosting. The sponge cakes can be made a day in advance but it's best to assemble the cake on the day of serving.

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