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    • Easter bunny cake

      Easter bunny cake

      Make an Easter bunny cake that the kids will love, made with a classic Victoria sponge and pieced together like a puzzle to create the 3D effect. We can't even believe it's cake!

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    • Chocolate Creme Egg cake

      Creme Egg cake

      Creme Egg cake made with a rich chocolate sponge and plenty of Creme Eggs is the only cake you need to make for Easter, whether for afternoon tea or Easter dessert. Never have so many Creme Eggs featured in one gorgeous cake

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    • Cola drizzle loaf

      Cola drizzle cake

      Cola drizzle cake makes a fizzy twist on a drizzle cake soaked in the sweet soft drink and topped with cola bottles and popping candy for extra fun factor. The kids are going to love it!

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    • Rhubarb and custard cake bars

      Rhubarb and custard cake bars

      Rhubarb and custard cake bars bring together the perfect flavour pairing in a new way. Serve them with a cuppa or give them as a thoughful food gift. Whether you serve them with a cuppa or give them as a thoughtful food gift, these sweet and sticky rhubarb and custard cake bars are just delicious!

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    • Apple cake

      Apple cake

      This classic apple cake recipe is ideal for sharing and perfect as an afternoon treat. It combines tangy and sweet cooking apples with a light cinnamon infused and raisin packed sponge. This cake can serve up to 12 people and takes 50 mins to cook in a medium heat oven. If the sponge starts to brown too quickly on top cover with baking parchment and continue to cook until done. Dust with icing sugar to serve for an impressive and simple finish.

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    • Weetabix cake

      Weetabix cake

      This cake is a healthier option than your usual cake recipe thanks to the genius addition of Weetabix to the mix. The fibre-rich cereal is balanced out with a mixture of fruit including banana, which reduces the amount of sugar you need to use. This recipe, from our Mummy blogger Anneliese, shows you how to make it with your children

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    • Reese?s Pieces peanut butter cake

      Reese's Pieces chocolate peanut butter cake

      If you're fan of Reese's Pieces you're going to love this showstopping, jaw-dropping cake made with a rich chocolate sponge, peanut butter buttercream and glazed with a luxurious chocolate ganache.

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      (8 ratings)
    • White chocolate gateau

      Gregg Wallace's white chocolate gateau

      The MasterChef judge has created this delicious chocolate cake, perfect for a birthday, a holiday or just because you need a treat!

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    • Elderflower drizzle cake

      Elderflower drizzle cake

      This delicious and impressive elderflower drizzle cake is a showstopper. Perfect as a special treat for Mother's Day or Easter. This refreshing bake has a creamy elderflower filling along with a sweet, elderflower drizzle on top. We've decorted our cake with edible flowers but you can decorate with fondant flowers instead.

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    • Jaffa cake drizzle loaf

      Drizzle-tastic: How to turn a simple loaf cake into a drizzle cake masterpiece

      We took one of our favourite drizzle cake recipe and created 6 different drizzles, including Jaffa drizzle cake, Cola drizzle and Pina Colada drizzle

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    • Creme Egg cake bars

      Creme Egg cake bars

      Creme Egg cake bars have a rich chocolate sponge base, a sweet Creme Egg-inspired filling and a smooth chocolate top. With Creme Eggs hidden in the sponge and Creme Eggs for decorating, this is one treat you have to make this Easter - perfect for sharing over the Easter bank holiday or making for school bake sales

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    • Caramel swirl loaf cake

      Caramel swirl loaf cake

      Caramel swirl loaf cake is sure to turn a few heads when it comes to serving. This impressive bake is oozing with caramel and topped with a sweet frosting. If you have any of this loaf left over (as if!), store in an airtight container for up to 2 days.

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    • Jaffa cake drizzle loaf

      Jaffa drizzle cake

      Jaffa cake fans, you're seriously going to love this Jaffa drizzle cake with a zesty orange drizzle topped with marmalade and glossy dark chocolate ganache.

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      (2 ratings)
    • Banana bread recipe

      Banana bread

      Got some bananas about to go off? Don't throw them away! Use them to make this delicious banana bread. Ripe bananas give the dense loaf a lovely moist texture with a subtle hint of flavour. The thick dough takes a little longer than your average cake to bake but it's worth the wait. A slice of this flavour-packed cake is a perfect treat for breakfast (try it with a spread of butter), parties or just a little afternoon treat

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      (108 ratings)
    • Lorraine Pascale's chocolate, Guinness and blackcurrant cake

      Lorraine Pascale's chocolate, Guinness and blackcurrant cake

      Lorraine Pascale's chocolate, Guinness and blackcurrant cake will be the talk of the party. With 4 delicious tiers, this cake is sure to impress your friends and family. Perfect for a special occasion, this cake is packed full of Guinness which makes the sponge extra moist and spongey. Topped with fresh blackberries and sandwiched together with a light cream cheese filling, Lorraine has done it again with this impressive, mouth-watering masterpiece!

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    • Passion fruit Victoria sandwich

      Passion fruit Victoria sandwich

      This deliciously sweet passion fruit Victoria sandwich is bursting with flavour and would make the perfect homemade treat for mum on Mother's Day or to share at Easter. The tangy taste of the passion fruit works wonders with the soft creamy filling. This cake won't last long as it contains no refined sugar to preserve it and fresh cream - so make sure you invite the family around to help you devour it fresh!

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    • Anti-gravity-cake-reaction.jpg

      Anti-gravity cake

      This anti-gravity cake will blow your mind! The kids will truly be amazed by this gravity-defying cake decorated with M&Ms. Victoria Threader has created this step-by-step recipe

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    • Lemon and blueberry drizzle cake

      Lemon and blueberry drizzle cake

      Impressive lemon and blueberry drizzle cake is perfect for sharing. Make this loaf cake at the weekend for a sweet treat or save for a special occasion. The drizzle is made from blueberry conserve, which is why it has a lovely, pastel colour.

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