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    • baking

      7 things only mums who can’t bake will understand

      Baking is easier said than done. It takes practise, patience and perfection. Some of us have it and some of us don't. Here are 7 things only mums who can’t bake would understand...

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      (2 ratings)
    • 6 things we've learnt at the Cake & Bake Show 2014

      Did you know that goodtoknow were at the Cake & Bake Show this year? We've learnt a lot from this year's show which we're going to take on board in 2015. Watch our video for some behind the scenes footage of the show along with a rather tasty looking cake too...

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      (2 ratings)
    • Victoria sponge recipe

      Victoria sponge is a classic baking recipe to master. The soft vanilla-infused sponge sandwiched together with a light buttercream and jam filling is a favourite for parties, birthdays and afternoon tea. This classic recipe shows you how easy it is to make a Victoria sponge at home - once you've mastered this recipe, the baking world is your oyster!

      • 4
      (272 ratings)
    • Courgette and lime muffins recipe

      Courgette and lime muffins

      Courgettes aren't just delicious in savoury recipes. You can turn them into sweet treats or even cakes like these tasty courgette and lime muffins.

      • 3
      (32 ratings)
    • A beautiful layered cake suitable for any occasion. This recipe serves 12-16 people and the ingredients are not expensive.

      Praline torte

      A beautiful layered cake suitable for any occasion. This recipe serves 12-16 people and would make the perfect dessert if you're having people over

      • 3
      (5 ratings)
    • Peach and lemon cake

      Peach and lemon cake

      This peach and lemon cake is the perfect bake for beginner bakers - with a light, simple batter and natural sweetness from the fruit, it's quick and easy to make and looks fantastic without the need for extra decoration or icing. This sponge tastes great served with your afternoon cuppa, or with a blob of whipped cream for dessert.

      • 5
      (3 ratings)
    • Chocolate and custard bars

      Nanaimo bars

      Nanaimo bars, slices of delicious chocolate and custard cake which are a cult snack in Canada, are the perfect no-fuss treat for kids and packed lunches. Even better, they require no baking - simple!

      • 4
      (13 ratings)
    • Mary Berry Victoria sponge cake recipe

      Mary Berry's Victoria sandwich

      Great British Bake Off judge and Queen of Cakes, Mary Berry, shows us how to make the best known and loved of all family cakes - her large all-in-one Victoria sandwich

      • 4
      (349 ratings)
    • Swiss roll

      Learn how to make this classic dessert with Woman's Weekly cookery editor Sue McMahon

      • 3
      (11 ratings)
    • Halloween spiders

      Annabel Karmel's chocolate spider cakes

      A cross between a brownie, a muffin and a cupcake, these tasty, chocolate Halloween treats are unlikely to hang around for long!

      • 4
      (23 ratings)
    • Mini Victoria sponges

      Mini Victoria sponges

      These mini Victoria sponges are the perfect sweet treat for any occasion. Delicious and quick to make - what's not to love?

      • 4
      (17 ratings)
    • Pinata cake

      Piñata cake

      You can seriously impress your friends and family with this sweetie-packed pinata cake. Break into the sponge to reveal lots of naughty sweets - the kids will love it!

      • 4
      (81 ratings)
    • Divine brownies

      Chocolate brownies

      Chocolate brownies are meant to be gooey in the middle and this simple recipe shows you exactly when it's time to take the brownies out of the oven. These brownies are made with delicious dark chocolate

      • 4
      (219 ratings)
    • Maltesers_chocolate_cake

      Maltesers chocolate cake

      This amazing cake is perfect for special occasions. It's also easy and quick - only an hour from start to finish, including cooling time making it an ideal bake for when time is tight or you might just have forgotten about someone's big day. This cake's smooth and rich cream cheese frosting makes it taste extra special and the crunchy malteser finish adds flavour, texture and that added wow factor too, yum!

      • 4
      (105 ratings)
    • How to prepare a sandwich tin

      Watch how to prepare a sandwich tin with our step by step video that shows you how to line a round tin with baking paper and flour to ensure the best bake and let you easily remove the cake from the tin when it's ready.

      • 1
      (1 ratings)
    • Double chocolate eclair

      Chocolate éclairs

      Wow your dinner party guests with gorgeous, gooey éclairs made with homemade choux pastry

      • 3
      (23 ratings)
    • paul hollywood marble cake

      Paul Hollywood's marble chocolate cake

      Get the perfect marble cake with this classic recipe from Great British Bake Off judge Paul Hollywood. Swirls of vanilla and chocolate sponge produce impressively beautiful results

      • 4
      (25 ratings)
    • Carrot cake

      Learn how to make classic carrot cake with our easy recipe. The dense sponge of a carrot cake is easy to produce in the comfort of your own home, you just need to know how it's done. Our easy recipe, which comes with a step-by-step video, has been triple-tested by Woman's Weekly. Topped with a simple cream cheese frosting, this carrot cake is the perfect base for a birthday cake or even split into 12 for cupcakes

      • 4
      (250 ratings)

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where can I find this recipe please

Sue sue

Any diabetic cake recipes or can you just substitute sweetener in equal measurement

Ann MichelleDargo

baking fat free fruit cake again it is delicious .


So many cakes - so little time!!


i love them why they dont have the ingredients


These cakes looks VERY yummy but I would like to make some vegan cakes. Does anyone know of any good eggless or specific vegan cake recipes or where I can find some?


Very GOOD work people. Please keep on.....It is goodTOknow that you r here and you will stay.!!!!!!!!


What a wonderful selection of cake receipes. Looking forward to trying many of them out. Thankyou.

Ebony morgan

I think it is really helpfull

Charlotte Gunn

Tell us what your favourite cake recipe is on goodtoknow - we'd love to hear from you.


Mmmm cake


I like Cake!

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