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    • Lemon cake

      It's difficult not to gobble this delicious lemon cake down as soon as you've made it - but try to freeze a few slices for tomorrow! Another great cake from Woman's Weekly. This delicious, quick and easy lemon sponge cake recipe is a real winner. Infused with fresh lemons and topped with a sweet lemon curd buttercream. This cake serves 12 people and will take around 35 mins to bake plus cooling and decorating time. Store any leftover lemon cake in an airtight container for up to 2 days. This sponge cake recipe would work just as well with other citrus fruits instead. Try orange or lime.

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    • Chocolate cupcakes

      This classic chocolate cupcake recipe is easy to follow and makes perfectly delicious chocolate cupcakes every time. This recipe not only shows you how to make soft, chocolate sponge cakes, it also shows you how to make a rich chocolate buttercream to pipe on top. This is the ultimate chocolate cupcake recipe and regularly voted into the top cake recipes on GoodtoKnow. You can learn how to make perfect chocolate buttercream and rich chocolate sponges with this easy chocolate cupcake recipe. This recipe makes 12 delicious cupcakes and takes 50 mins to prepare and bake. Tried, tested and guaranteed by you! Sprinkle with chocolate curls, sprinkles or your favourite sweets before serving. These cupcakes are great for sharing, and would be perfect for kids parties or family gatherings.

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    • Mary Berry's lemon drizzle cake recipe

      Mary Berry is the queen of baking so if you're looking for a classic lemon drizzle cake recipe, this is the one to try. Mary Berry's lemon drizzle cake recipe is one of the most popular recipes on GoodtoKnow and has been tried and loved by pretty much the whole of the team! This classic Mary Berry lemon drizzle cake recipe is full of citrus flavour and is perfect for all baking abilities, from beginners to those who fancy a spot in The Great British Bake Off tent! The light and zesty lemon sponge is glazed with a crunchy lemon drizzle icing, made with a simple sugar and lemon mixture. We love this lemon cake recipe for a lazy Sunday afternoon with a warm cuppa or even as a treat during the week for afternoon tea. This recipe for lemon drizzle cake will take approximately 55 mins to prepare and bake, so you don’t even have to spend that much time in the kitchen to make this easy lemon drizzle cake. This lemon cake recipe serves up to 6 people, so it’s perfect if you’re having a small group of friends over. This lemon drizzle cake is so good that we doubt you’ll leftovers. But if you do, you can store this cake in an airtight container for up to 3 days and enjoy it later.

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    • Blueberry muffins

      Our blueberry muffins recipe couldn't be easier to make with this super simple recipe that makes perfect muffins every time and ready in only 5 steps. A real favourite with both grown-ups and kids, these easy blueberry muffins are tasty, ready in a few simple steps and so moreish you'll have to keep making new batches! This recipe makes 12 regular sized muffins and will take around 45 mins to prepare and cook them. This classic recipe is perfect for beginners or if you're trying to teach the kids how to cook. They’ll love helping you out to make delicious treats that they can eat later and even take a special dessert in their lunch box to school. These basic blueberry muffins will be ready in just 5 easy steps, so this recipe really is as easy and simple as you could get! Once you've mastered this basic recipe you could try swapping the blueberries for other berries instead like raspberries, strawberries or blackberries - the options are endless! Any of them work a treat with this yummy muffin recipe, so you should give them all a try and pick your favourite. Perfect to have a hot drink on a Sunday afternoon so get baking and turn the kettle on… Blueberry muffins that are ready in 5 steps - perfect!

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    • Lemon sherbet fountain cupcakes

      Lemon sherbet cupcakes

      This lemon sherbet cupcake recipe is easy to follow and is both sweet and tangy. This recipe not only shows you how to make soft, zesty sponge cakes, it also shows you how to make a citrus, sherbet buttercream to pipe on top. These cupcakes are great for sharing, and would be perfect for kids parties or family gatherings. This easy lemon sherbet cupcake recipe makes 12 cupcakes, but is easily doubled or tripled to make more (because let's face it, there's no such thing as too many cupcakes!) With just 20 minutes prep time these are a great last-minute treat to throw together and are guaranteed to go down well with the whole family.

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    • Pick and mix cake

      Pick & mix chocolate and sweet cake

      This bright and cheerful chocolate cake sprinkled with Smarties, Maltesers and mini marshmallows, not only looks spectacular, but is also super easy to make. This Willy Wonka-style chocolate sweet cake recipe serves 8, and takes 1 hour and 10 minutes to prepare and bake. Wrapped in chocolate fingers and topped with sweets, it doesn't get much naughtier than this!

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    • Chocolate eclairs recipe

      Chocolate eclairs

      This chocolate eclairs recipe from Woman's Weekly is a classic. They're easy to make at home, filled with cream and topped with dark chocolate - delicious! Wow your dinner party guests with gorgeous, gooey éclairs made with homemade choux pastry. This recipe makes 12-15 eclairs and will take around 40 mins to bake. One of these delicious eclairs works out at only 247 calories per serving making them a light option for dessert! For leftovers, wrap the unfilled choux fingers in a freezer bag, seal, and freeze for up to 3 months. Refresh them in a hot oven to crisp them up after defrosting, and then leave them to cool before filling.

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    • Banana split cake

      Banana split layer cake

      Inspired by Neapolitan ice-cream this easy to follow banana split layer cake is layered with bananas and cream, and drizzled in chocolate sauce. This recipe has a modern and colourful twist on delicious banoffee flavours which make it perfect for an afternoon treat. For your first layer just spread banoffee spread on your chocolate cake layer and top with sliced bananas. Spread a healthy helping of jam on your raspberry layer, and dress with bananas before topping with the almond sponge. Don't forget to drizzle your chocolate sauce all over and sprinkle with cherries, nuts and banana sweets to finish everything off.

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    • Mary Berry's Victoria sandwich

      Mary Berry's Victoria sandwich recipe is a classic from The Great British Bake Off judge. Learn how to make her sponge with this easy all-in-one method. Her large all-in-one Victoria sandwich is perfect for all baking abilities and only takes 35 mins to make in total, so you don’t have to spend ages in the kitchen to bake this delicious cake. This Mary Berry Victoria sponge is sandwiched together with strawberry jam. If you want to make this Victoria sandwich cake a dessert cake we'd recommend using freshly whipped cream alongside the jam for the filling. This cake serves between 6-8 people, so you know you’ll have a slice for everyone if you have people coming round for a cup of tea. This Victoria sandwich will last up to 3 days in an airtight container or Tupperware – but we doubt you’ll have any leftovers! Mary Berry's Victoria sandwich cake is part of Mary Berry’s Baking Bible book, and it comes out perfectly every time. Once you've perfected this classic you can try other fillings or flavours in your sponge as well as experimenting with decoration too. Trust us, this Mary Berry Victoria sandwich will be your most requested recipe from the first time you make it!

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    • Basic cupcake recipe

      This cupcake recipe will show you how to make cupcakes from scratch that come out perfect everytime, and you can decorate them however you like! These easy and simple cupcakes can be decorated with our perfect cupcake buttercream to create beautiful cupcakes for any occasion. With our handy step-by-step video, we show you how to make cupcakes from scratch in a very simple way, so even baking beginners can follow along. This is GoodtoKnow's most popular cupcake recipe, and you’ll see why – this basic cupcake makes fluffy cakes that are versatile and can be decorated for birthdays or other special occasions, or even just for a special Sunday afternoon treat. We also have handy variations so you can pick which cupcake recipe you prefer, and you can see how to make cupcakes in other flavours – it’s easy to turn this basic cupcake recipe into chocolate cupcakes, rose cupcakes, lemon or even coffee cupcakes, just check on the method below. This basic cupcake recipe makes a batch of 24 cupcakes, so you have plenty of cakes to decorate. To make your cupcakes even, use an ice cream scoop to fill the cupcake cases with mixture. This will make sure you have an even amount of mixture in each cupcake case and that they should rise to the same height. These cupcakes are ideal for making with children and can be decorated with icing, buttercream or drizzled in chocolate. They’ll love using their imagination to decorate these delicious cupcakes but beware – it might get messy!

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    • Red velvet cupcakes

      Hummingbird Bakery cream cheese frosting

      Cream cheese frosting is essential when making mouthwatering cupcakes and we have the perfect recipe for it, thanks to the famous Hummingbird Bakery. Top your cakes or cupcakes with this delicious and easy cream cheese frosting recipe, and we bet everyone will ask for seconds! The best part of this simple cream cheese frosting is that you only need three ingredients – icing sugar, butter and cream cheese. This cream cheese icing recipe can be made in a matter of minutes, so it’s a quick and easy to finish off your cupcakes in the most delicious way possible. This recipe tops 12 regular sized cupcakes but you also used it to top one regular sized cake (20cm round). The sweetness of the icing sugar and softness of the cream cheese balance each other out to make a smooth, sweet and tasty cream cheese frosting. This frosting would be perfect spooned or piped on top of carrot cake or red velvet cake. If you'd like to pipe this icing onto cupcakes or a cake, we'd recommend using a large nozzle. If you have any cream cheese frosting leftover, store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 2 days. We'd recommend giving it a quick whisk or stir before adding to your cupcakes for best results. Time to get baking!

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    • Healthy banana bread

      Madeleine Shaw's healthy banana bread with peanut butter

      Healthy banana bread is always a great bake when you want a treat for breakfast that's still good for you, or even if you want a mid morning snack with a cuppa. This healthy banana bread recipe is vegan too, as well as gluten free, so you can have it if you follow a vegan diet as well, just make sure the chocolate you use is vegan. To make this healthy banana bread, you'll need about 10 mins to prepare and then all you have to do is pop in the oven and let it cook for 50 mins, or until this gluten free banana bread is cooked through and golden on top. This healthy banana bread recipes makes one medium loaf, which will serve about six people. If you need to feed more people, you can double the quantities but make sure you have a big loaf tin to make this gluten free banana bread. Madeleine explains why she loves this vegan banana bread recipe: 'We all love banana loaf but I’ve taken this up a notch by adding peanut butter. Oh yes, bananas are a great source of energy, but did you know they can also help you to sleep? Whenever I want a really good night’s sleep I’ll munch on this loaf because bananas contain trytophan, an amino acid that helps the body to produce serotonin. It calms and relaxes you, which is essential for glowing skin!' So if you're looking for a delicious gluten free banana bread, you'll need to try Madeleine Shaw's recipes...

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    • Gluten-free cupcakes

      These easy gluten-free cupcakes are a delicious option if you're on a gluten-free diet. They're so easy to make and taste just like the real deal. Simple to bake, these pretty, gluten-free cupcakes are perfect for kids' parties or to enjoy with a steaming cup of tea. This recipe makes 12 cupcakes and will take around 40 mins to prepare and bake. Top your cupcakes with tasty buttercream and serve immediately. Any leftovers can be stored in an airtight container or cake tin of the kitchen side for up to 3 days - if they last that long!

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    • Chocolate cake flake bars

      Chocolate Flake cake slices

      These fun chocolate slices taste like childhood with a Flake on top, perfect for an afternoon treat. If you want to go all out you could build these into a bigger version and create one large loaf-tin bake for a special occasion. These, we think, are best eaten on the day you make them but because of their chocolate coating they do actually keep quite well. Pop them into a tin and store in a cool place for up to three days (although, we doubt they'll last that long!).

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    • Iced doughnut cake

      Doughnut cakes with raspberry and chocolate icing

      This iced doughnut cake recipe is a speedy and easier alternative to regular yeasty doughnuts. Made in just 30 minutes, these delicious treats are best eaten on the day they are made. We love them with a cuppa, but if you're making them for a special occasion then you could always pile them up on a plate and use them as an alternative to a birthday cake - who can resist a doughnut after all?

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    • Gingerbread cake

      Gingerbread cake is a classic bake, made with rich, warm spices, golden syrup and black treacle for a rich loaf cake that tastes like Christmas. The smell of freshly baked gingerbread cake is hard to resist but if you can avoid the temptation of cutting a slice while warm from the oven, gingerbread is best cooled and wrapped and kept for a day or two before eating. It will slice much better and have a lovely sticky texture. Cinnamon, ginger, golden syrup and black treacle all help to give this easy gingerbread cake recipe its delicious flavour. This recipe makes two small loaves, so why not keep one in the freezer for another day? If you freeze it wrapped in individual slices, it’s perfect for lunchboxes and will defrost much quicker than a whole loaf.

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    • Strawberry milkshake bar

      Strawberry milkshake cake bar

      All the flavours of an old-fashioned milkshake are combined in the delicious fruity frosting on this sponge milkshake bar. Loaded with strawberry shake powder, dried strawberries and frosting drizzled with strawberry sweets this easy to follow recipe is not only a treat for your taste buds but for your eyes also. You can prep this easy cake in just over half an hour, so it can easily be whipped up on a week-night as a special treat, and the kids will absolutely love you for it.

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    • Rainbow cake recipe

      Rainbow cake

      Want to make your very own rainbow cake? This rainbow cake recipe is easy to follow and is great for those special occasions. It's an impressive cake recipe. What birthday girl or boy wouldn’t be delighted with this brightly coloured rainbow cake, imagine their surprise when they cut into it. It’s not difficult to make with our easy mix sponge cake recipe, you just have to be bold with the colours and use concentrated gel paste colours which are now widely available in major supermarkets, cake decorating shops and online. Use 18cm round sandwich cake tins, you’ll probably need to bake the sponges in batches, if you don’t have 5 tins, but this is not a problem as the cakes don’t take long to cook. Once baked you can freeze the sponges until you are ready to assemble and decorate.

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