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  • bean chilli

    Bean chilli stew

    Our bean chilli is so hearty and comforting you won’t even notice it is meat-free. We’ve used chipotle paste to give the bean chilli an extra kick of flavour and a more authentic Mexican taste. You can get chipotle paste from most supermarkets but if you can’t find any, add 1-2tsp chilli powder with 2tsp tomato paste to the bean chilli recipe. Chipotles are widely used in Mexican cuisine, they are smoke-dried jalapeno peppers and blending them together with tomatoes makes the paste. This one-pot wonder bean chilli stew is also suitable for freezing so it is perfect for getting ahead. The recipe can be easily doubled if you’re entertaining for a larger group taking all the fuss out of cooking for big parties. Why not throw a Mexican-themed dinner party and cook this bean chilli alongside some spicy chicken fajitas, cheesy nachos with guacamole and a meaty chilli con carne? You could even top it all off with some sombreros and a tequila shot or two – just make sure you’ve done all the cooking before the drinks start!

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  • pineapple pudding

    Pineapple pudding with tequila syrup

    Pineapple pudding is a light and fruity sponge cake with a tequila twist. This pineapple pudding is buttery and sweet with tart pineapple and lime zest cutting through, making it perfectly balanced. Adding tequila to this summer dessert makes it something a bit different and adds a touch of Mexican flair. Impress your friends with this grown up take on a classic pineapple pudding.

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  • veggie chilli pie

    Veggie chilli pie

    Veggie chilli pie is a warming and healthy dish for an easy week night meal to feed the whole family. This veggie chilli pie takes your average pie up a few notches with the crunchy tortilla and cheese topping. Filled with veggies and a little bit spicy, this mouthwatering veggie chilli pie will make even the biggest meat eaters come in for seconds. Serve this veggie chilli pie as a meat free alternative at a Mexican themed dinner, with all your favourite mexican sides, or just skip the meat and serve this as your main. Even meat eaters will love this smoky and spicy pie.

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  • chipotle beef

    Chipotle beef

    Chipotle beef is a comforting dish to make when it’s raining and cold outside. This Chipotle beef is a delicious smoky dish, which would be perfect with creamy mash potatoes or rice. Our chipotle beef recipe freezes well, too, so is perfect for making in bulk for quick and easy food another night of the week.

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  • sweetcorn salsa

    Sweet corn salsa with black beans

    Sweet corn salsa with black beans is a versatile, flavour-packed side dish that can be paired with so many different meals. It has a slight heat and smokiness from the chipotle chillies, which is complemented by the zesty tang of lime juice. The addition of soured cream and mayo add a welcome creamy texture and help balance the punchy flavours of lime and chilli. This sweet corn salsa is a great stand alone side dish for any Mexican supper, working well with crowd pleasing dishes like chilli con carne. You can also use this sweet corn and black bean salsa to add some wow factor to other dishes. Why not try adding some shredded chicken to this mixture and using as a taco filling? You could equally serve with some green salad leaves and chopped tomatoes to makes a flavourful Mexican inspired salad, perfect for a light lunch. This sweet corn salsa is also perfect for party food. You could spread mini tostadas with some soured cream then top with salsa, or make Mexican canapé cups using the same sweet corn salsa recipe. Black beans are a legume that are particularly popular in Latin American cuisine. They have a dense and meaty texture, making them perfect for vegetarian dishes. What’s more, they are an excellent source of fibre, and are thought to help to reduce cholesterol. Black beans can sometimes be tricky to find, but try looking in the world foods aisle of the supermarket. Once you’ve made this tasty sweet corn and black bean salsa once, it will become a regular addition to any Mexican meals you make.

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  • pickled red onion

    Chicken and pickled red onions

    Chicken with pickled red onions is a fresh and zesty dish to make for any week night meal. Mexican food is always guaranteed to please any crowd when you are entertaining, and great for everyone getting stuck in and serving themselves. Add this chicken and pickled red onion to your menu and it will go down a treat! Pickling the red onions will not only give a zingy flavour, but also provides lots of health benefits. Pickling food, especially vegetables, is fantastic for gut health as it provides healthy bacteria, which can help break down hard to digest cellulose in food, as well as some of the natural sugars. This picked red onion chicken is a healthy family meal that is quick and easy to prepare and will have everyone asking for seconds.

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  • tostadas and tuna ceviche

    Tostadas and tuna ceviche

    Tostadas and tuna ceviche is a delicious dish that will have any dinner party guest coming back for seconds, and maybe even thirds! This zingy and spicy tuna ceviche dish is perfect for a warm summer evening. With a surprise kick from the tequila, this tuna ceviche will not only make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, but also compliment your normal summer spread. Why not swap the tostadas in this tuna ceviche recipe for iceberg lettuce cups, for a more health conscious or gluten free option. Tuna is high in omega 3 fatty acids which is thought to help significantly reduces the risk of heart disease, as well as being high in many vital vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B12, vitamin D, and potassium. Kitchen tip - take the tuna and salsa out of the fridge out of the fridge 5 minutes before serving on the tostadas to ensure that they are room temperature, so the flavours taste more vibrant.

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  • mexican rice

    Mexican rice

    Mexican rice is a twist on your classic rice side dish. This Mexican rice dish will spice up any meal with delicious herbs and fragrant flavours. A great side to a delicious taco that will leave you full and satisfied, this Mexican rice recipe is also great inside home made burritos. Any Mexican themed night isn’t complete without this addictive dish. Why not serve this delicious dish with some guacamole and tortilla chips to make you feel like you’re in Mexico. This Mexican rice dish is a healthy and a family favourite in our homes, and is about to be in your house too. If you want to add more Mexican flare, why not try using queso blanco cheese which you can find in any large supermarket or online. If you’re short for time, why not buy ready cooked rice and reduce the cooking time by twenty minutes.

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  • shrimp tacos

    Shrimp tacos with avocado

    Shrimp tacos with avocado are a fresh and flavourful Mexican inspired dish that the whole family will love. Our easy recipe uses a ready made taco kit but adds a few twists to elevate it to the next level. Guacamole is the perfect addition to shrimp tacos, and making your own gives results that are far superior to anything you can buy in shops. Get stuck into these delicious shrimp tacos and see for yourself how good they taste.

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  • Breakfast wrap

    Burrito breakfast wrap

    Our breakfast wrap is a delicious and filling way to start the day. The warm tortilla wraps filled with scrambled eggs, spicy fried peppers, and fresh herbs are guaranteed to please. We’ve added some guacamole and grated cheddar cheese to take this simple Mexican breakfast to the next level. This veggie breakfast wrap is flavoured with smoked paprika, adding warmth and a hint of spice. If meat eaters wanted, they could add smoky chorizo, which would work perfectly with the Mexican flavours.

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  • Huevos Rancheros

    Hemsley + Hemsley huevos rancheros with guacamole

    This huevos rancheros recipe by the Hemsley sisters is a real brunch winner. If you're a fan of having a hearty brunch to get your weekend started on a Saturday, or to celebrate a lazy Sunday morning, then you need to add this Hemsley + Hemsley recipe to the menu one weekend - everyone will thank you for it! As well as the classic huevos rancheros, the Hemsley sisters added guacamole to the recipe, which you can serve on top of the eggs for an extra dose of healthy fats. With spicy red sauce, this Hemsley + Hemsley dish is not only bursting with flavour, it will also look great on the table with big spoonfuls of green guacamole on top. This huevos rancheros recipe makes enough to serve two people, but you can easily double up the ingredients to make enough to serve more people. Because it's a one-pot dish, this recipe is ideal to serve if you're having friends round for brunch, as the washing up will take no time at all. This huevos rancheros recipe also only takes 30 mins to make, so you won't need much time to cook it and will have more time to enjoy it with friends or family.

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  • Flexitarian chicken taquitos

    Chicken Taquitos

    Delicious, easy, and sure to please everybody, this chicken taquito recipe is packed with punchy flavours. Start by adding onion into a pan and cook until softened. Then add in your chicken fillets seasoned with the salt, pepper, cumin, paprika and ground coriander. Toss in the peppers and courgettes until tender and pour in 150ml of water. While that’s on simmer, don’t forget to warm up your tortillas according to pack instructions. To make the salsa, mix onion, vinegar, honey, sweet corn and mango together. Then spoon in your taquitos mix and scatter jalapeno chilli peppers for an extra kick. Don’t forget to roll them up and dip in salsa before tucking in.

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