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  • Mushroom soup

    Mushroom soup is a really easy and simple soup recipe to make and can be on the table in under an hour. You can make this homemade mushroom soup recipe in just three steps. This creamy mushroom soup will take around 35 mins to prepare and cook and serves 2 people. Look out for value packs of mushrooms to use if you're planning to prepare this mushroom soup – they don’t need to be perfect looking or all the same shape. Large open cup or brown cap mushrooms will give the best flavour, simply wipe with a damp piece of kitchen paper to remove any bits of earth before frying – there is no need to wash them. Double or triple the quantities if you're feeding more people with this creamy mushroom soup recipe. Leftovers can be frozen or stored in a sealed container in the fridge for up to 2 days. This mushroom soup recipe is also a healthy option for dinner or lunch, with plenty of vitamins and minerals that are great for your health like selenium and iron. Serve with thick slices of sourdough bread so you can dunk them in this tasty soup.

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  • Gordon Ramsay's cream of cauliflower soup

    Gordon Ramsay's cream of cauliflower soup

    Cauliflower soup is a creamy and comforting meal and Gordon Ramsay's cream of cauliflower soup recipe is perfect for the winter months. As a starter to a three-course Christmas menu, you will only need to serve a small portion, but this is also a great warming soup to have for lunch with some good bread after a walk on a chilly day. This delicious soup takes 30 mins to make and is perfect if you fancy something a little different for lunch or as a starter. This easy soup recipe brings cauliflower, potato, onion and a rich cream based stock together to make one mouth-watering bowl of warming soup. Once you've tried Gordon Ramsay's cream of cauliflower soup you'll want to make it time and time again.

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  • Slimming-World's-tomato,-lentil-and-vegetable-soup.jpg

    Slimming World's tomato, lentil and vegetable soup

    Slimming World's vegetable soup recipe makes a filling chunky soup made with curry spices and ginger - perfect as a warming lunch. Packed with lentils, this Slimming World vegetable soup is mouth-watering dish that you can whip up in just 30 mins, making it a quick and easy option when you're short on time but you're trying to eat a little healthier. This Slimming World soup recipe serves 4 people. The lentils in this soup will add plenty of protein to your diet keeping you fuller for longer. The tomatoes and vegetables add towards your 5-a-day count. Leftovers can be frozen. Make sure you defrost thoroughly before reheating. If you don't have enough lentils you could swap them for other pulses instead, just follow the packet instructions before cooking and adding into the soup.

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  • Creamy carrot and parsnip soup

    Parsnip soup is always a winner and this delicious creamy carrot and parsnip soup recipe is easy to make, simple and healthy too. This recipe takes around 40 mins to make and serves 4 people. It's a quick recipe that is perfect for keeping you warm in the winter months. It’s so easy that you can make it in just three simple steps. This recipe is ideal for using up leftovers from your Sunday roast dinner, so it helps you use up vegetables that perhaps you would otherwise throw in the bin and saves you money too. If you use already cooked root veg, you don't need to soften them. Just add with stock and simmer to make the soup. Because it packs so many veg, this parsnip soup recipe is great to get the kids eating more vegetables and making sure they hit their five-a-day – even the fussy eaters will want to a bowl of this parsnip soup because it looks so yummy! Why not serve with crusty bread, parsnips crisps or homemade croutons for an extra crunch? This parsnip and carrot soup is a real winter warmer and any leftovers can be stored in a Tupperware in the fridge for up to 2 days.

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  • Broccoli and stilton soup recipe

    Broccoli and Stilton soup

    Broccoli and Stilton soup is a classic creamy soup that's just the perfect dish for a cold day. This classic vegetarian soup is a delicious winter warmer - and freezable too - making it ideal for storing away to use as a delicious lunch or dinner days when you're too tired to cook. This tasty Broccoli and stilton soup recipe works out at only 366 calories per serving, which for a rich and indulgently flavoured soup is pretty good we think! This broccoli and Stilton soup serves 4-5 people and will take only 35 mins in total to make, so it’s a quick soup recipe too. If you're feeling really hungry, you can serve this broccoli and Stilton soup up with fresh crusty bread to help you fill up. And don't worry about anyone who finds Stilton a bit overpowering - paired with the creamy broccoli, this soup is mild and mellow, so even those who think they don't like blue cheese will absolutely love it. The two ingredients work really well together, so this a creamy soup that you’ll want to make time and time again. If you love Stilton, feel free to crumble more in, but just be aware that you might up the calories if you do that. This delicious broccoli and Stilton soup can be made in well under an hour with this fab recipe that works just as well as a dinner party starter as it does as a stand alone meal!

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  • Slimming World tomato soup

    Slimming World's low-fat tomato soup

    Slimming World's low-fat tomato soup recipe is a really easy and delicious soup that takes hardly any time to rustle up. This Slimming World tomato soup is ideal for lunch and can be made in batches too - perfect if you're trying to save time and money. This tasty soup is made with chopped tomatoes, infused with garlic and topped with a generous swirl of low-fat natural fromage frais. This Slimming World tomato soup saves 4 people and will take around 35 mins to make. Leftovers can be frozen and saved for future use. Leave to defrost in the fridge over night before reheating thoroughly. Serve with homemade crusty bread or garlic bread for a naughty treat.

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  • green soup

    Vibrant green soup

    This green soup will give you a real health boost. Packed with peas, broccoli, spinach, basil and soya beans this green soup is bursting with nutrients. From magnesium-rich spinach which helps with healthy bones to broccoli which is full of fibre, vitamin C, A and K. Soya foods are naturally low in saturated fat, which helps to lower cholesterol. The special proteins in soya also seem to help the body regulate cholesterol. Studies show that you may be able to reduce cholesterol by around 6% by including 15g of soya a day in your diet. Choose from soya alternatives to milk and yogurt, tofu and beans, as we have here. Our green soup is comforting and warm and is great if you’re feeling under the weather or want to eat something to warn off a cold! We’ve blended half the soup and returned it to the pan with the rest for a thick, chunky finish but if you prefer a smooth soup you could blend it all. This one pan wonder is quick and easy to make and is great for the whole family. By blending the vegetables you can trick the fussy eaters into eating more veg than they would normally agree to. It can be prepared ahead and warmed through when needed.

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  • Leek soup

    Burns Night cock-a-leekie soup

    Cock-a-leekie soup is traditionally eaten to celebrate Burns Night every January. Why not serve as a starter to haggis or have a big bowl as the main meal?

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  • Tom Kerridge north african soup

    Tom Kerridge's North African soup

    Tom Kerridge's North African soup is the perfect meal if you fancy something healthy but also warming and filling. If a salad isn't really cutting it for dinner, we highly recommend giving this Tom Kerridge recipe a go, especially when it's chilling outside and you need a steaming dinner to warm you up. This delicious soup is packed with flavour and you won't believe it's only 235 calories per serving. Tom Kerridge's North African soup will take you about 15 mins to prep, and another 30 mins to cook, which means you'll have a homemade soup ready to be served in less than an hour. Tom Kerridge's soup super easy to whip up too, in just four easy steps. This dish is also completely vegetarian, which is great if you've cut out meat from your diet - and works out cheaper too! Tom says: 'Think of this soup like a minestrone but with lots of big, bold North African flavours. Rose harissa is a fantastic ingredient to keep in your fridge – the smallest amount brings so many extra layers of taste. Chickpeas and aubergine add body, replacing the need for pasta or meat to make this a satisfying one-bowl meal.'

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  • fish chowder

    Fish chowder

    Fish chowder is a hearty and filling soup that will warm you up on a chilly winter evening. Smoked haddock is great source of B vitamins which play an important role in cell metabolism, making this fish chowder good for you as well as delicious. This tasty smoked fish is also a source of lean protein, which helps to keep you feeling fuller for longer. This simple soup only has a handful of ingredients but has such great flavour. To keep costs low, try buying frozen smoked haddock fillets (we love the ones from Iceland) to make this fish chowder, and simply defrost before cooking. Chowder is a creamy soup that is usually made with potatoes, and can come in seafood and vegetarian variations. This thick soup is particularly popular in North America, and the name is thought to originate from the French word ‘chaudron’, meaning cauldron, after the large pot it is made in. This rich and creamy fish chowder is a great way to get kids to eat more fish, as the haddock is broken up through the flavour-packed broth. Serve this fish chowder with some crusty bread for the ultimate simple supper.

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  • Carrot and butternut squash soup

    This easy carrot and butternut squash soup recipe is perfect for the whole family. There are days when only soup will do, when you can have a soothing, veg-packed meal and dunk in hunks of bread slathered in butter. The great thing about soup is that, with just a few cheap ingredients, you can make up a big batch and keep it in the fridge or freezer. For this velvety squash soup recipe, you’ll only need nine ingredients that are really cheap and easy to get from the supermarket. This simple sunshine bowl of soup will brighten up any grey day. This soup serves 6 people, so it’s enough to feed your family and you can keep leftovers for lunch the next day. Packed with nutrients, this butternut squash soup is a healthy way to up your five-a-day and the best part is that it’s also really quick to make. Making this butternut squash soup will only take 40 mins from scratch, but only 10 mins to prepare, so you can leave it to bubble away for half an hour while you carry on with your day. Leftovers can be stored in the fridge for up to 3 days and the rest can be frozen.

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  • thai soup

    Thai soup with turkey and noodles

    Our Thai soup with turkey and noodles is a fantastic way to use a turkey carcass that you might have leftover after a big roast. Put it in with the coconut milk, 300ml of water and simmer for 20 minutes. This will develop the flavour and remove any small remaining pieces of turkey that are on the carcass. Strain and then continue with the recipe from step 2. This Thai soup will also work well with any left over chicken. You could make your own Thai red curry paste but with so many ready made options in the supermarkets, we won’t tell if you don’t! One thing is for sure, once you’ve made this Thai soup, a shop bought carton or tin will never do again. The coconut milk is rich and creamy and the Thai red curry paste provides just enough heat to warm you through without blowing you away with spice. Trust us, you’ll make this again and again.

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